Hectors Automotive - Hector's Automotive screwed engine up then wanted $1800 more!

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Originally i went to Hectors because my car was overheating.Hector tells me I need new heads and it would cost me $1600.

A month later my car is finally ready and I take my car to another shop to check it out. The car underneath had the wrong radiator and the bottom of it was covered in oil. I call Hector and he tells me to bring it in when I can. Needing my car for a job interview in Ca a week later I head there and get about 45 miles out of town when the engine blows a rod.

I get it towed back to hector, this costing me $400. Hector states that because it was from the bottom side of the engine he will take no responsibility and that it would be another $1800 to repair it. I write BBB and let them know about the wrong radiator and how upset I am, this guy tries to change out my radiator for a used one, and when I get it to a new shop they say its a used one with a hole in it.

Also, he is working on an expired license as of january.Watch it!

Review about: Bad Service Work.

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